Quality and environment

The quality which is one of our key values, is based on high precision, strict control and continuous process monitoring. Our services are supported by an extensive quality management system – plan, develop, analyze, control and improve. We are concentrated on creating high-quality products by efficient and flawless processes and by working harder to meet the customers’ expectations.

In order to ensure that the quality management system is efficient regular audits are performed by our current customers.

The principles of the management regarding health and safety policy are declared in OHS Policy which is presented to all the company’s employees.

SET PCB Technology always takes responsibility for the environment. The combination of careful use of quality materials, the waste water treatment station of the German company Guetling together with the guideline according to ISO 14001 successfully prevent environmental pollution.

The company always observes and controls the environmental impact of its operations and is trying to optimise the deliveries and the efficiency managing of the recycling materials.

It is also emphasised on training all employees to use, to support and to make suggestions on environment saving means, processes, measures and products.